Reaching West Seattle Has Never Been Easier

Ever since ReachNow expanded service it’s become super simple to get to and from West Seattle and downtown.

We began our trip in West Seattle off Delridge. We grabbed a nearby MINI and picked up a couple friends on our way down to the water taxi. Fortunately ReachNow has several dedicated parking spots right across from the dock—they’re clearly marked and one was open. It’s important to know that these spots are first-come, first-served, but if the lot’s full there’s plenty of parking along Harbor Ave and California Way.

We absolutely love the water taxi for the simple fact that it’s a taxi that travels across water! Plus, the view across into downtown is really amazing. It’s a great, quick ride, and takes only 10 minutes to cross Elliott Bay. Taxis run every 15 minutes or so, and you can see the schedule here.


Once downtown we walked up Yesler to First, then turned south and went down to Jackson, where we grabbed the street car up to the Hill. Both the water taxi and streetcar are part of King County’s Public Transit, and paying fares is super simple, especially if you have an ORCA card. If you don’t already have an ORCA card we highly recommend it—they make using public transit terribly simple. You can order a card here.

It’s a short walk from where the street car ends to work, and conveniently there’s a coffee shop along the way. After work we opened the ReachNow app and found a Drive only a couple blocks away, which we used to get us back home to West Seattle.

All in all, combining ReachNow with public transit made getting to and from West Seattle super simple.




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Anna Anderson