Ride + Transit = An Easy Way to Get Around Town

The tunnel is finally opened, but that doesn’t mean that the Seattle squeeze has lessened its grip. With more buses running on surface streets and both the Convention Center and Key Arena under constructions, it’s still tight out there. We recently decided to take advantage of ReachNow’s great new Ride offer, the gist of which is pretty straightforward — any time you get a Ride to or from a transit hub, you get a $3 credit applied to your account.*

We planned a trip downtown with friends for shopping and lunch. We scheduled a Ride the day before, which was super simple. All we did was open the app, click the calendar icon located to the right of the Ride button, and put in the time we wanted our car to arrive. Easy-peasy.

As always, we got picked up by a professional driver in a clearly identified BMW. Our driver, Dana, dropped us at the UW Transit Hub, which is located right next to Husky Stadium. Because I couldn’t access the app I don’t know where the actual “drop off zone” is located, but I think it’d be smart to mention it here - presuming it’s close to the Transit Hub. The trains run every ten minutes or so, which is super convenient, and once we got moving the trip from UW to Westlake Center took less than 7-minutes.

We did our shopping and kicked through the Market and had a really nice lunch, and when it was over we simply re-traced our steps — took the train back to UW, grabbed another Ride and headed home. Our two trips to and from the UW Transit Center earned us $6 in ReachNow credit, which paid for our light rail fare. This promotion was a great way to combine Ride with public transit, and made it easy and fun to get around town.

* As $3 is exactly $.25 more than the cost of riding the light rail or the bus, you’re basically making money on this deal...




Anna Anderson